Three Different Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Rumors


Nicki Giant BoobsY

You might not believe what the celebrities did before making it big in life. Take for instance the rap queen Onika Tanya Maraj known better by her stage name Nicki Minaj. The American singer, rapper, songwriter, voice actress and media personality who was born in Trinidad. This celebrity once made a sex tape, just like the famous Kim K once did. Nicki did this for money when she was broke. Did you get that right? Yeah she made an adult tape!

When the tape first leaked, the scandal was massive. Searches about Nicki Minaj Sex Tape were around 200K searches in a minute! The celebrity denies she is the one featured in the porn. If you look closely you’ll may or may not believe her. The video runs for 22 minutes with the usual stuff of sex tapes. The video features a female who looks so much like the Trinidadian born rapper and a white guy who appears older. It starts with some oral before going to the doggy style. The video ends with the same finish as in other tapes (yeah, that’s right!). The video somehow appears professional. The lighting is perfect and high quality camcorder is used.

One With Lil Wayne?

Nicki Minaj actually made a controversial comment on the issue. She once said, “maybe I did maybe I didn’t” It is been heard that a new tape that features Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj is being sold around. The sex tape was made back in 2009. Some men from New Orleans are selling it. The men even allowed a private screening to a few sites. Numerous sites are trying to hoax people that they have the tape.  It was said that some Lil Wayne boys tried to sell the video for $150,000. That is how it is said to have leaked!
Again here Nicki left us hanging. When she was asked about the porn of Weezy and her, she made another unclear comment. She said she and Wayne are friends who can do anything together comfortably. However, she concluded by saying that she had no comment about the video.

Another Tape

Another tape is said to have surfaced recently. These sites never tire out. This time it is Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj. The sites claim that it is the real Nicki Minaj in the video. You can try to watch the full Nicki Minaj tape at Leaked Celebrity Tape. After the disappointment visit our site and get the real news about sex tapes. Alternatively you can save your money and time and directly visit the site that guarantees results.

Here is a gallery of Nicki Minaj nude pics too:

Nicki Minaj nip slip

Nicki Minaj sex video cum on boobs?

That definitely looks like something you’d see from the end of a sex tape!


Kim Kardashian’s Rise To Fame Recapped – Credits Her Mom Kris Jenner For Success


It’s remarkable the way the Kim Kardashian has taken her little Los Angeles family and has turned them into mega-rich celebrities. The brunette bombshell has been a multi-millionaire for awhile now and with each year the Kardashian/Jenner empire grows their net worth by increasingly more. They continue to open up new businesses, makeup lines, and have even gone into the app world. How did this family become so business savvy anyway? Who taught these ladies the entertainment industry ropes?

Well, Kim Kardashian credits her mother all the time for her continued success. The “momager” is always giving her kids advice on new ventures and they seem to always appreciate it. She is always cheering from the sidelines as well, going to all their modeling gigs and helping them make tough fashion wardrobe choices for events. She is the ultimate superwoman mama.

People always wonder though, was Kris Jenner supportive of the Kim Kardashian tape when she released it back in 2008 with her former lover R&B singer Ray J? The media made it seem as if the video was “leaked” to the public, but some sources claim that the naughty scandal was all a scheme planned by Kim to get some limelight, and some even say Kris was the mastermind the sex tape…

According to some ex friends of Kris, the Kardashian mother was the one negotiating with Vivid Entertainment for a bigger amount of money from the tape’s sales. If this is true, this mom takes her role as “momager” to another level! Sheesh! The critics might hate it, but I am sure her kids are happy with all that money they have floating around now…

What do you think about Kris Jenner’s role in Kim’s success? Do you believe she is capable of something as deplorable as this? We have to admit, you’d have to be pretty immoral and sleazy to orchestrate a plan to get your daughter fame by having her “leak” an erotic film for perverted men all over the world.

Kim’s Fur Game Is On Point, But Animal Activists Shame Her


We wanted to take a moment to appreciate Kim’s fur game because it is truly on point. Even though she has gotten lots of bad press for wearing real fur, you have to admit she knows how to pick them well.

Now Kim and Kanye West (hubby) have vowed to only wear fur coats that has been ethically sourced. They said that they will only wear fur that is from roadkill. Still, animal activist groups like PETA have slammed her, especially when she dressed North (her daughter) in an animal coat.

Mimi Bekhechi, PETAS’s UK Director said: “Kids are naturally drawn to animals and are sympathetic to their plight, and there’s no reason to think that North is any different… if the fur coat that she’s been dressed in is real, animals have suffered for vanity, something that we’re sure neither North nor any little girl her age would support.”

In response to this, Kim went on the Today show and defended her choice of wearing furs by stating: “I believe everyone has the choice of what they want… It’s not illegal to buy fur, I think it’s a personal choice, but I don’t think it’s okay to assault anyone.”

Tell us what you think about Kim’s choice to dress herself and her daughter Norie with fur – do you think it is wrong or do you think it’s a personal choice people should respect?


Kim K Is The Mastermind Behind Kylie And Blac’s Blossoming Friendship


Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna has had some major beef because of Tyga (Blac’s baby’s daddy and Kylie’s lover). The dude left Blac for Kylie back in the day and ever since then it has been drama drama drama.

When Blac started dating Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s half-bro, things started getting insanely heated in the Kardashian/Jenner family. Now with the happy news that Blac is prego with Rob’s kid, the famous family is trying to accept Chyna into their circle of trust.

That’s why Kim decided to set up a meeting with Kylie and Blac so that they could hash out their differences and start a fresh new friendship as sisters. Their fanz went crazy when they posted Snapchats of them hanging out.

Weirdly enough, Tyga and Kylie have now split up again. I wonder what Blac must have said to Kydizzle that probably caused a stir in Kyga’s relationship. We all know Tyga is a lying fool and Blac probably showed little Jenner some evidence that he is not to be trusted.

Do you think they will get back together?! We hope not!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Divorce Rumors – Are They True?!


Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are dealing with some major divorce rumors that are circulating the web like mad. The divorce gossip are all over the tabloids because of a song that came out where Kanye bashes his curvy wife.

In the song, he reportedly compares Kim K to O.J. Simpson. The lyrics are apart of a song on Schoolboy Q’s New Single called “That Part”. Kanye raps “I just left the strip club, got some glitter on me. Wifey gonna kill me, she the female O.J.”

Some of the tabloids say that Kim is beyond pissed that her husband took the O.J. Simpson tragedy and turned it into a song to insult her. She felt that it also took a dig on her family because Kim’s late father (Robert Kardashian) was O.J.’s friend and defense attorney, while her mother (Kris Jenner) was good friends with Nicole Brown Simpson who was the murder victim in the famous trial. The horrible incident that occurred the mid 90’s has left a gaping wound in the Kardashian family life and is an extremely sensitive subject – no wonder people think they may divorce over this!

Although Kim Kardashian knows her husband is an idiot. Let’s face it, Kanye West is a moron and does stupid shit all the time. He loves the attention he gets by doing things to shock people and Kim has dealt with a lot of that. His behavior has always been overboard and not politically correct in many fashions – would Kim really divorce him over something like this? I don’t think she is willing to lose her husband’s fortune over some lame rap lyrics… what do you think? Let us know and comment below.